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Women in Politics

by Victoria Zangaro

Since innumerable years, I always had a drive and a passion for politics. It is something that I believe is fundamental for every country, and even though many people may not agree fully with the government, it allows for there to be some control. It is crazy to even think that some women are not given the possibility to actually speak about what they believe are rights and fundamental principles. Many are seldom given the chance to voice their opinion, without the consequence of being killed or persecuted for having a different way of a thought from those that the male authorities have. However, throughout the years, there has been a slight rise in women in governmental positions. In Saudi Arabia, women were given a few positions in the government, which nevertheless, was a positive step in the right direction to escape the patriarchal society in that specific country.

According to the United Nations, in 2019, from all the national parliaments around the world, only 24.3 percent was composed of women. This number may seem insignificant, but it was an increase from 1995 when there was only 11.3 percent of female representation in the government. Rwanda, when compared to other legislations and parliaments worldwide, has the most women involved in the governmental process. Women in this country have won the majority of the seats in the lower house, adding up to 61.3 percent. Nowadays, many women are standing up against the brutality and discrimination that directly affects them, such as gender-based violence, the leave of a parent in households, childcare, as well as developing laws that help for there to be equality in genders (Facts and figures: Leadership and political participation). Women are now rising up more and more to fight for equality in every aspect of their life. There are movements that are being started, such as in Saudi Arabia, when women, and only women, protested against the government for not allowing them to drive. Just these courageous women, that are standing up and fighting for equality, allow for there to be a more equal, tranquil, and content world. Women are gradually being embraced in politics in various countries, and these places have evolved into a safe haven for all.

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