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Not suitable for women: A Myth in the construction industry

by Yaman

“Not suitable for women” is a phrase based on presumptions, not on our capabilities.

The construction industry has been widely promoted as a man’s world, it’s tough exterior have helped in forming this misconception, leading many to believe that women have no career possibilities in this industry, and thus, becoming one of the least diverse fields with less than 10% participation from women.

As an engineer, I can say that the substantial construction’s needs are wrongfully captured, it is not about hard physical demands or strenuous site conditions, rather, construction processes requires knowledge, communication skills, leadership, teamwork and emotional intelligence, any personnel passionate about solving complexities, connecting with people and having an impact can have a place in this exciting industry, and women, in particular, possess many of those qualities, making them able to participate and achieve in the construction world.

Although the construction industry has proven the successful experience of including various entities with diverse backgrounds to deliver projects, it is still disregarding the importance of women's involvement in bringing different perspectives. Having diverse teams plays a pivotal role in increasing productivity, finding innovative solutions, and it ensures the implementation of more comprehensive dynamics, enabling a better understanding of the big picture.

I truly believe that women and men are allies, therefore, the responsibility is shared between us to present a realistic image of the construction industry where women’s inputs are essential, and as women, we bear the greatest obligation to inspire young girls by being a living example of what we were told we cannot be, do what its assumed impossible for us to do, and eventually prove that “not suitable for women” is a phrase based on presumptions, not on our capabilities.

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